Month: March 2020

Real estate credit and promise of employment: is it possible?

Taking out a home loan is an important decision. To have the happiness of being a homeowner, you must be able to repay your credit for many years. What are the criteria that can encourage the bank to give a positive response? What are the bank’s criteria for a mortgage? The bank, as a financial Read More

How to calculate the loan interest rate?

The loan involves many fees, the most important of which is its interest rate. We advise how to calculate the interest rate on a loan and explain what costs should be taken into account   Interest is not everything Interest is only the beginning of “credit fees”. In addition to him, we must count among Read More

Who will grant a loan to the credit? bank? loan company?

Hello. Who will grant a loan to the credit? I have an active retirement credit and I need a small loan for Christmas. Banks will certainly not help me, and are there any non-bank companies that will grant loans if I have a credit? If I found a guarantor, is this your chance to raise Read More