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Brilliant site - It is obvious how much hard work has gone in to it - Many, many thanks.
Researching Bell Family from Thornbury and Mabbot family from Tockington
Heather J Williams
26 December 2009
I would like to know who compiled this site and info and for what reason? Its superb. Is there any possibility of its being extended to further parishes in the area?
Doug Smith
21 December 2009
Thank you for allowing free access to the best genealogy site I have found in years of researching! I have found so much that I needed.
Molly Bowditch
3 December 2009
What a great site! Can anyone help me please regarding Mary Parslow, bapt Berkeley 1739. This site and IGI give John as her father, but what about her mother? Ann Lawrence perhaps, but can anyone confirm please?
I believe this Mary Parslow married Nathaniel Miles in Stonehouse, 19 April 1762. Again, any confirmation would be much appreciated!
Paul Reid
30 November 2009
A wonderful site that I have used several times and it always provides me with some new facts about the Summers family of Berkeley, Newport,Cam and Ham. If anyone else is researching the Summers family, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Jeff Porter
8 November 2009
My first on the site and I have found the burial of richard smith 8 july 1798 and the baptisum of bertha curtis 25 Aug 1844, A very good site, Thanks
dave smart
3 November 2009
Thanks so much for interesting site. Like Gillian Bishop (apr 2009) I added to my Pitchers,reached "dead end" with Benjamin of Rockhampton age 45 buried Thornbury 1785. Would land tax records help?
Paula Brain(nee Pitcher)
30 October 2009
Super site. Have traced my paternal g.mother (Laura Annie nee Smart) back to living at Stambourne Villa Brookend
with her father Henry Smart riverpilot her mother Maria (nee Cooper) her brother Edwin James (who unfortunately died ( at the age of 4) 16/7/1874. How?
Her older sister Olivia Maria (who later
married Alfred Shaw) Her 3 younger brothers Francis Robert, Alfred Henry &
George Cooper. Francis Robert died at
sea in 1918. On the 1901 census a Robert Reynolds appears as stepfather
he is down as a retired publican was landlord of The Black Horse Slater Street Berkeley his wife Elizabeth died in 1900 (she seems to have been a Smart)
but how can Robert have been stepfather
to Henry Smart?
Also Maria's father a ships carpenter an
her mother Sarah lived at Oakhunger in 1841. Can anyone give me any information about Oakhunger, how Edwin died or the mysterious stepfather.

Diane Murton
22 October 2009
This is a great site and I have been able to find members of the Shipway and Jenner families. Oh how I wish Dursley was available like this!! Is there any chance?
Stella Herber
19 October 2009
Great site.
Do the Berkeley parish records include those from St Michaels in Breadstone?
If anyone can help I am tracing:
Charles Cooper (b1801) and Dinah of Breadstone,
Joseph and Anne French of Slimbridge,
John Reeves (d1732)and Martha of Oldbury
Chris Jarman

Chris Jarman
8 October 2009
A BIG thank you! This site has been such a great help in my quest to trace the BAKER family tree. So much so that I even popped into Berkeley on the way to Cornwall! Such a great small village. We even tried to find some bakers in the churchyard using the data from this site. We found some but not the ones we were hoping to find! So the tree grows bigger.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Henry Baker
6 October 2009
I am a very regular user of Scribes Alcove and cannot express how thankful I am for the hard work that the website's creator has put in to produce this immensely helpful and easy to use site.

I am now looking at the history of Thomas Clarke a tallow chandler in Thornbury in the first quarter of the 1700's.

He had two children that I know of - Sarah (born 1733 married George Rolph in 1767) and Thomas Clarke and he was a Quaker. Can anyone help with this family and their connection to Wigmore House?
Sandra Doig
5 October 2009
Looking for any information of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the years 1500 through to 1800 on all Lynke/Lyncke/Linke/Link families from the Oldbury-Upon-Severn and Thornbury areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks Aileen Robson....Australia
Aileen Robson
27 September 2009
Trying to link Priscilla Pritchard(b1848,Rockhampton)with the Pritchards of Dawley area of Shropshire
John Pritchard
10 September 2009
A truly easy to navigate and useful site,Like others I found it just by accident.Very well done to everyone involved!Now all we need are the pre 1700 records!!
Anyone interested in the Cook and/or Underwood families?I'ld be happy to hear from you.
gary williams
25 July 2009
A very immpessive site & so easy to use I have been looking up my ancestors the Withers family and I have found lots & lots of information, so well done to those responible for the site.
Ray Withers
21 July 2009
A Great site which I found by chance,whilst researching my Smith Family roots in Berkeley. My great grandparents were Sidney and Hester Hannah Smith. I know that Sidney's grandfather came from Saul but know nothing more. Hester's parents were Henry Elliott and Sarah Lord of Owlpen
but nothing more. If anyone has any information I would love to hear it.
I will keep searching.
Rosina Doogan
16 July 2009
I have just come across a photo of John Morgan of Thornbury, born 1797/8, taken in 1864. His daughter, Sarah Virgo Morgan married Robert williams of Thornbury and migrated to South Australia. I also have copies of two editions of a biographical sketch in doggerel rhyme (to quote) called 'The Genius', published 1848 in Thornbury, by HV Morgan, the cousin of Sarah Virgo Morgan. The second addition was published in 1849, printed and sold by John Brown Bookseller and J Neate, Printer, Thornbury. It is apparently about J(ames) Neate, surveyor. Does anyone out there know any of this story, or have information on these people?
John Gibson
10 July 2009
25 June 2009
This is an excellent site and a joy to look at although I haven't yet found my Ann Brown from Berkeley.I think I will be looking here again. Thank you
Wendy Davies
16 June 2009

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