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Hi,i am researching the Edwards family from stone/berkeley they went to cheltenham approx 1800 to run a shoemaking
business any info relatives etc really appreciated
phil edwards
2 January 2009
I am researching my family.Charles Hook mansfield married Rosanne from Berkley.All information would be
Brian Powell
25 December 2008
FACEY thomas married MARTHA RYMORE born 1797 THORNBURY any info would be great found scribes brilliant!!!
17 December 2008
I am trying to tie up two famlily trees.
The missing link is Hester Stagg who married William (Pricktoe)Prestoe around 1830. I am trying to establish William's father, has anybody family connections.
15 December 2008
If anyone has info on Thomas Wiggall Hill i would be very interested. He was a river pilot and had several children with Emily Biddle, they lived in and around BERKLEY.

j hargreaves
29 November 2008
I've just spent an enjoyable afternoon filling in the 'missing gaps' in my Gloucestershire 'people',one of the best web-sites I have tried, pity there isn't one like it that covers wotton under edge and that side of the county.never mind, maybe one day, many thanks.
eileen robinson
14 November 2008
This is a brilliant site, many thanks for all your hard work.
The strange thing is I come from Bucks originally, and thought all my family did - until I discovered my Grandfather worked at a Prison Camp in Dursley during WW1. He married a girl (my Grandmother) who came from Thornbury. She died when my mother was just a couple of years old so I never knew anything about her. Many years later I moved to Thornbury, still oblivious of the fact that my Grandmother came from there. Now, doing my family tree I have found it quite weird that I moved to the place where my Grandmother was born - and where my Great Grandfather, who was Henry Charles Webb, lived and died. What exactly took me to a place I'd never heard of until I was in my 20's? At one point I was about a 10 minute walk from where they lived.
14 November 2008
Thank you so much. I can only echo the thoughts of those who wish that every village church had a record like this. Many thanks to the Scribes . . .
Susan Powis
8 November 2008
great site would love to be able to contact Susanne Penduck,message on the 21st August this year, as I have Penducks in my tree and may be bale to help.
Hazel Pullen
7 November 2008
Just found your web site, I have also found the marriage of my Gt grand parents. I am researching the Ponting & Daniell side of my family. Mant thanks for the site.
Verity Jeffery
Verity Jeffery
28 October 2008
wow what a great site ...found some siblings for my g-g-g-grandmother elizabeth hayman and sadly what i believe might be thier deaths in the work house :(

but great site & thank you
21 October 2008
I'm trying to search my 'Grove'ancestors from Hill. This site says that there is a well researched family tree for the Grove family. I haven't been able to access it though. I would particularly like to trace back from John Wetmore Grove b.24/8/1777.Can anyone help please?
Garry of South Australia
19 October 2008
hello i am doing a family tree on the stagg family;i have a lot but stuck onwilliam stagg 1755 who married who married sarah ogborne then hester lydiatt his son william stagg 1802 was my gggrandad who married mary ann hopton any help would be appreciated peter
p stagg
16 October 2008
Great Resource! I'm researching the families of Isaac BENNET and Harriet CHARD.
J.P. Bennett
4 October 2008
The site has been of immense help with my discovery of the Eddington side of my family. If only all towns and villages had sites like this, family history searches would be so much easier!
Elaine Howell
2 October 2008
I can only echo the praise given by the previous people who have benefitted from your excellent site. It has been of immense help to me in my research into the Clutterbuck side of my wife's family. If only all Parishes were catered for in this way!
Robert Davies
30 September 2008
LORD..I am reseaching my ancestors who came from the Berkeley area then moved on to North Nibley, W u E, Clifton then Australia
28 September 2008
What an amazing site. I am researching the Knott family from Thornbury and thanks to your site have managed to trace back to the early eighteenth century. Congratulations on an incredible achievement - I like everyone else just wish famuily research could be as easy as this. George and Alice Knott were my great great great grandparents and their son Charles my great great grandfather - any information would be really helpful.
Joy - Sydney, Australia
Joy McPherson
23 September 2008
Thank you for such a wonderful site. It has been a great help to me whilst researching my husbands' family tree. Your work is much appreciated. I wish I could have found something like this when researching my own family in Hertforshire!
Penny King-Cox
22 September 2008
What a fantastic site - invaluable in research our Aldridge family tree! Well done to everyone involved! Any news on whether you will be adding details from Saul to your list?
Lynda Aldridge
16 September 2008

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