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I am most interested in Thornbury as my ancestors lived here - I am researching the Briggs family and would LOVE to hear from anyone that can tell me ANYTHING about this family - or anyone willing to help me try to find info on them!!
THANKS so much for ANY help you can give me!

Pam Tharp
28 May 2008
Great site - I am looking for members of the LEE family prior to 1860, particularly John Lee b abt 1803/4. Also trying to find descendants of any NORTH's. Many thanks from New Zealand.
Adrianne Hawkins
15 May 2008
We are all indebted to you for the work and dedication over time, resulting in a wonderful site, easy to navigate and full of interest. I very much appreciate the assistance I have found here, due to your great work. I have especially enjoyed clicking through the links to study the area covered.
DODD, OLIVE, CARWARDINE, WILCOX, COLE, PETERS,SARGEANT, TYLER, HARSE/HURSE in Pucklechurch,Olveston, Alveston, Thornbury, Bristol, and Monmouthshire. (Plus family emigrants to Australia and the US.)
12 April 2008
Great site! Thank you for all the work.

My GGGrandFather Samuel DORNEY left the area sometime just before 1839 for the greener pastures of B'ham.

Paul Dorney
Perth Ontario
Paul Dorney
9 April 2008
I was fascinated by Tracey's comments on February 27th. I have Edwin, Ephraim and Amelia in my family tree, in the Savage family, but about 50 years earlier than Tracey's. The names are not common so there had to be a connection. With help from Rhonda in Australia, I have got it sorted out. Ephraim (b. 1852) and Amelia (b.1850)Savage are brother and sister. Both are the children of Edwin Savage (b. 1821) and his first wife Sarah Davis (b. 1821). Amelia married Edwin Skidmore, their children were Albert, Edwin and Ephraim (b. 1877). Ephraim married Harriet Kilmister in 1900 and their daughter Amelia is Tracey's grandmother.

Ephraim Savage is my great grandfather. He married Sarah Canning, their son William is my grandfather. William, Ephraim and Ephraim and Amelia's father Edwin were all lock gate men at Sharpness. Edwin Savage had two wives, Sarah Davies and Charlotte Nelmes. Between them they had 14 children. I believe only 4 of them survived to adult life and had children of their own. This is a wonderful site. I was led to it by Rhonda in Australia and it has been a tremendous source for both of us in our research.
Betty Hebditch
4 April 2008
An excellent resource for geneaology.. has really helped me trace my Stinchcombe ancestory. Thank you...
Michael Toogood
21 March 2008
What a wonderful site. I wish I had found this years ago - it would have saved me a trip to The Society of Genealogist in London and hours of searching through Parish Registers. Many thanks to Maria, whom I contacted through Genes Reunited, for telling me about this site.

I am interested in the PRICE/RUTHER/LANGFORD families of BERKELEY. If anyone else is researching these names I would e very interested.

Finally a great big THANK YOU to the compilers - your dedication is an inspiration. I only wish I had time and expertise to do the same in my own Parish.
Margaret Bannister
15 March 2008
Enjoyed read Scribe's Alcove but notice no interest in the Chappell family. My branch who were masons moved from Thornbury to Bristol during the 19th century but I can trace three generations who were born in Thornbury.There was a Charles Chappell from Thornbury who served on the Victory at Trafalgar and I am interested to find out if he is closely related to my line.
Josephine Edmonds
11 March 2008
I'm back again, this time I have found with lots of help from Maria that I have so many great great great grandparents with all sorts of surnames I am looking for KNIGHT, GROVES, GAZARD. KNIGHT being the maiden name of my great great grandmother (Ann), GROVES being my other (who was married to the same man) JAMES SMITH. Then Ann's brother GEORGE KNIGHT had a daughter called SUSAN KNIGHT who married my great grandmother's father WILLIAM NELMES who subsequently had my great grandmother DORA BEATRICE NELMES who married my great grandad OLIVER CLAUD SMITH (with a little bit of deduction they were cousins!). Now GAZARD is my great great great grandmothers maiden name HANNAH GAZARD who married DANIEL SMITH. So any help would be appreciated. We are also trying to get the maiden name of GEORGE KNIGHT'S WIFE MARY-ANNE? Thank you.
tracey whelan
4 March 2008
Excellent resource !!!
Filled in many gaps from our family bible. I'm tracing back Severin Julius Lindell, and from this site have found him wife's family, including parents. Time to layout these new pieces of the jigsaw.
Many thanks.
3 March 2008
I have been researching ancestors and have become stuck at my grandads all I know is his fathers and mothers names.

His father was called Oliver Claud Smith and he was a Lockman at Sharpness Docks his wife was called Dora Beatrice Smith (formerly Nelmes) and they lived in Purton Berkeley.
tracey whelan
27 February 2008
I really enjoyed this site as I wanted to find out about my grandparents who are both dead now (and you wish at the time that you asked questions about your ancestors but other things take over) anyway I managed to find out a few things about my gran via and here.

Her name was Amelia Peninnah Skidmore and her parents were Ephraim and Harriett Elizabeth Kilminster.

Harriett was married to Ephraim in 1900 he was 22 and she was 18. Her father was called Thomas Kilminster and she was born in Gloucester. Ephraim was born in 1874 and baptised in 1876. His father was called Edwin and both were dock labourers . His wife was called Amelia (i think this is where my gran got her name), they lived in Purton.

Now Ephraim had a brother called Frederick Skidmore who was baptised in 1874 and married in 1899 aged 29yrs to Christina Ellen Stone aged 20 yrs she was baptised in 1888. Her father was called William Gill Stone he was born in 1879 and was a gamekeeper. His father was called William Gale (not sure why different surname) and he was a pub owner and his wife was called Catherine. That is as far as I got.

I know that my gran had brothers and sisters but not sure of all of their names one was called Alice and another Edna.

Would be interesting to know if any KILMINSTER OR STONES GALES are related in any way.
tracey whelan
27 February 2008
Excellant web site Have been researching my Great Grandparents Henry & Emma Lippiatt and their family have visited St Arilda and looked around. Because my Grandmother died when my Dad was just three I do not have much information just and funeral report for Henry and a bereavement card for Emma. I do know there was a big family and my Grandmother was the youngest.If there is anyone who is willing to share news I would be grateful. thanks and well done for making your web site so easy to understand.regards Julia
Julia D Gooch
18 February 2008
The site is a great idea and there should be more of them for different areas. Still looking for information on John Smith, organ builder of Bristol, and his stepson (some also say son-in-law)Joseph Monday, also an organ builder. The company eventually owned by William Gibbons Vowles, son-in-law of Joseph Monday. Any advice welcome.
Lynne Monday
17 February 2008
First, may I add to the many laudatory comments about the Scribe's Alcove. I appreciate the huge amount of work that has gone into making this such a comprehensive and easy to use site. I can now add one further generation to my Family Tree.
I am interested in the KINGS(John's, John Horatio, Horatio John) who lived in and around Thornbury (2 generations of blacksmiths), and their wives:SMART,POVEY,LIPPIATT, ENGLAND. Any information will be gratefully received.
John M King
John M King
28 January 2008
Commend you on a site so easy to use with data so easy to access. Researching RUSSELL of Berkeley and Tetbury, Glos
28 January 2008
On this fantastic site for about two years,so much found already . Still looking for information on Strong , Purnell and Fisher links 1700 and 1800s prior to all taking root in Bristol , from Thornbury and outlying villages and towns.
Garry George
24 November 2007
Thanks for great search site. I was searching for the origin of Neale which my great grandmother, her son, my mother, me and my daughter share as a middle name. My great grandmother is Anna Neale Knapp of Thornbury, daughter of Decimus. His father, James, married Hannah Comely nee Neale!
Sarah Rhodes
18 November 2007
What a fantastic site. Wish there was more like it! I am researching STEPHENS Halmore, Berkeley/ MEACHIN Family
Rhi Price
17 November 2007
Your hardwork and efforts have assisted me with my armchair genealogy for the past few years. Thankyou.
Nick Smith
11 November 2007

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