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Hi Carol
I am researching the name Walker but I don't know if the Ruth Walker, daughter of John Walker & Sophia Thorn is any relation. William & Mary Walker witnessed John & Sophia's marriage. I am descended from an earlier John Walker who was born at Thornbury in 1778.
Regards, Angela
Angela Walker
24 March 2007
Families I am researching are Walker/Thorn. John Walker, Sophia Thorn, parents of Ruth Walker who married Jeremiah Gahahgan(Mahagan). Jeremiah and Ruth had children Ellen (married Henry Neale), Henry married Sarah Ann Ball, John, Dennis Mahagan. Anybody researching Walker, Thorn, Mahagan? Carol
23 March 2007
My grandparents were married at All Saints church at Stone. I have replica marriage cert so know that to be fact. Now it seems that my great grandparents came from Berkeley! Elliott and Denning. Brilliant site, well done.
Tina Elliott
19 March 2007
Thank you for a wonderful site, you have done a fantastic job. I am interested in the ALWAY, PEARCE, SHEP(P)herd, LONGDON, CULLIMORE,RODWAY,STINCHCOMBE,MABBET & MILLARD families
Gary Liddell
18 March 2007
This site is most helpful and most encouraging to keep searching for ones family. I had tried so many sites, places and then I came upon this one and found Richard Bradshaw.This is the great great grandfather and brings light to the past. Now my grandchldren are getting interested. Thank you Renee
renee bradshaw
11 March 2007
This is one of the best sites I have come across in many years of research. Many of my relatives Barton and King are buried in Thornbury church- there is a book about the King family of Bevington and Berkeley, if anyone wants information please get in touch.
But please could someone tell me something about Whitfield - my gg grandmother was born there in 1845 but I can find nothing about her parents Thomas Luce Thomas (labourer) and Harriet (formerly Cook). Where are the records held and is there any info about whitfield itself. Help with this "brick wall" would be much appreciated.
Ann King
Ann King
11 March 2007
Hi Lucy
My 4x great grandmother was Martha Luce. She was born at Oldbury. There seems to be a lot of interest in the surname Luce. I have been in touch with some people and found that we were related. you may contact me if you wish.
Angela Walker
11 March 2007
great site, found it via Genuki. Am researching Luce from the Berkeley area. Any info gratefully received.
10 March 2007
Is anyone else researching the Walker family? If so perhaps we could exchange info.
Does anyone know where the Christian name Unity comes from? Is it connected with the Thornbury Union? Lots of families seem to have this name.
Angela Walker
10 March 2007
Is there any one researching Savory family I am looking for my g/g/g grandmother Rebecca Savory born c1820 at Thornbury according to all census reports
Any help gratefully appreciated
7 March 2007
Re Greens sorry forgot my contact email address
Tracey Green
5 March 2007
So glad I found this site! I have been trying to trace the GREENS (Joe and Joseph_)and in finding this site its made it so much easier. If anyone has any info on the GREENS of Morton Thornbury please email me. Also Greens married Riddiford, Juggins and Beak and Wilkes.
Tracey Green
5 March 2007
I should have perhaps said in my previous message that I am realted to Arabella Nutt Thurston nee Bullen who was married to Henry Neville Cotton Thurston. By the time she lived in Thornbury in 1871 she was widowed with three sons. I do wonder what became of them.
Pauline McGregor Currien
16 February 2007
This looks as if it may help me to establish what happened to my THURSTON ancestors who were living at the Porch House, Thornbury in 1871. They are a fascinating family with links to a Sugar Estate in Mauritius. Maybe somebody who reads this will want to contact me to share information. Please contact me
Pauline McGregor Currien
16 February 2007
What a pity all my predecessors didn't live in Thornbury Registration District. An excellent resource!
DJ Bennett
10 February 2007
Excellent site. I have been researching my family history for some years now but only recently found out that my 3x great grandfather John Walker came from Thornbury. He married Elizabeth Walker at Evenlode. I don't know if they were related.
John's parents were Joseph Walker & Martha Hollister (a widow formerly married to Hezekiah Hollister )Joseph's parents were Thomas Walker & Mary Taylor.
Other names I am researching include:
Cullimore, Lippiatt, Knott & Shill
Angela Walker
7 February 2007
Search for anything on the Neat Family from Tockington/Olveston area. They were long establish in this area. They are: William Neat (born 1821)and Elizabeth Neat (born 1824) and their daughter, my GG Grandmother Hester Neat (born 1850)
Stephen Beech
6 February 2007
I found this site purely by chance when I was doing some research for a friend. Thanks to your great site I have been able to solve many mysteries and have uncoverd a few more. A wonderful resource, superbly put together and very user friendly. Thank you so much.
Mair Forder
5 February 2007
I'm just about to research my family tree and decided to read the various comments entered in to the guestbook. I am very intrigued by a comment from a P Bradbury, dated 27.06.06, she mentions that her ancestors lived in Rotten Row in Halmore, I know Halmore very well and my ancestors are from this area, but I have never heard of that name before. Does anyone know anything about it or where it's located?
Charlie M
29 January 2007
I am searching for the GARLAND family from Thornbury/Kington. Anyone out there have any information?
Jan - Staffs
25 January 2007

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