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At last I have managed to find the marriage of my great great grandparents. The name is acutally Causon or Causson rather than Caston but at least I have managed to find it. 6 June 1989
Jennie Jones
1 November 2005
This is a very good site please keep it on
26 October 2005
Thank you for your very helpful website it has enabled me to proceed a little further. Is there access to this information at a Record Office - only armed with my findings from your website I went to Gloucester RO to be told that they did not have the information for Oldbury-on-Severn for the years I required as the records were destroyed in a fire.
Sue Williams
19 October 2005
Very Intresting website.
13 October 2005
My ancestors come from the Berkeley/Stone/Breadstone areas. The earliest I can trace is Daniel Everett, who was married and died in 1760.
Alan Everett
11 October 2005
What an excellent site and a great source of information. Through Scribe's Alcove, we have found the link that we have been searching for for years. Many thanks.
Diane Hungate
Researching Woozley/Woosley/Uzley
Diane Hungate
10 October 2005
This site is fantastic, thank you so much! I am so glad I found it and that you took the time to put all of these things online. It is very handy for those of us who live outside the UK. Thanks again!
9 October 2005
Need more help. Trying to find what became of Henry and Emma Lippiatt, and their children. John(1869), Mary(1871) Lucy(1873),George(1875, and most important. my gr grandfather) Elizabeth(1877),Annis(1879?,)Ellen(1882),Emma(1885),Sidney(1887)Lilian(1889), Henry(1891?). They dissapear and their is not record of them in the 1881 census. George doesn't appear in the 1901 either. Please help me solve this mystery.
29 September 2005
Thank you, thank you! What a wonderful, informative and easy to use site. I have found my husband's 2nd and 3rd grandparents George and Joseph Edmonds of Dursley.
Sylvia Edmonds
29 September 2005
Great site - I found many members of my family from Thornbury. A little puzzle: I know that three members of the family died at the same time in March 1860 at Thornbury (Robert Lippiatt, Eliza Lippiatt and an un-named female Lippiatt) There appears to be no record of burials in the registers. Was there a fire or other accident? I would love to know.
Robert Lippiatt
27 September 2005
A beautiful site - I know that may sound strange but you don't always find beauty - combined with simplicity, speed, ease of use, local history, and transcriptions. Excellent! Thank you very much. I'm searching the Drake family.
Kathryn Powell, Melbourne, Australia
Kathryn Powell
27 September 2005
Thank you for your work.

I am researching the Andrews family from Berkeley / Newport and would be delighted to hear from people researching the same family.
Pam Glover
27 September 2005
A great site. I am researching Fothergill family history.
reg fothergill
22 September 2005
Very good - and very fast - but my great great gradfather (William HENDY) is missing! born about 1800 in Thornbury - in a gap year.

By the way - Albert Wathen? Hendy BAPTISED: 1 Aug 1849 at Thornbury is Albert Wither Hendy, born in Shepperdine.
Jeffery Knaggs
17 September 2005
Excellent site, I have found some of my ancestors easily here although one was down as Elizabeth Halmore at her daughter Zipporah Smith's christening. I couldn't find a marriage to Thomas Smith, but found Elizabeth Bevan whose abode was Halmore!!Thanks again
Mrs P.M.Thirwell
17 September 2005
I love your web site its very user friendly. Keep up the great work and please add more parish's for people like me
in Australia.
Dawn Clarke
12 September 2005
Excellent site, I have located a lot of WALLINGTONS which confirm information I have been given, and it's great to be able to access your site from down under in Auckland, NZ.
Thanks to all those who put in the hard yards to set up the site.
Cheers, Heather
10 September 2005
What a wondeful site! You have just found numerous siblings and taken me back another generation in my search for TILL and TRAYHERN families in Oldbury on Severn. If only the marriage records were available for Oldbury as well ...
sue parkes
9 September 2005
have just discovered this website, would like information if possible regarding the Whites from Bekeley especialy a John White born 1790/1791 later he left Berkeley to live in Norton St Philip Frome. any information regarding the above i would be most grateful.
wendy briscoe
1 September 2005
This is an excellent site with a rapid search engine enabling me to extract Prewett, Pruet, Pruett, Biddle, Wherrett &
Bob Prewett
28 August 2005

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