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thankyou to whoever has done all the hard work listing all information on this site. It has been very usefull tracing the pritchards in rockhampton. I would gladly welcome any information anyone has on the pritchard family,
Julian Hart
18 August 2005
Researching my 14th century JUDDE ancestors in Ham and Berkeley. I found the church full of mystery, atmosphere and intrigue.
David Judd
12 August 2005
Many thanks to The Scribe's Alcove. It's a brilliant website and I look forward to coming back for another search soon in the Baptisms/Marriages &
David Bird
7 August 2005
Thanks very much to those who have taken the time to put these records on the internet or all to search.
Noel Staley
7 August 2005
I have found this site most useful and the straight-forwary way it's set out. I am researching the LEWIS family. John (my gt grandfather), was born in Berkeley/Stone c 1833 and by 1866 he was living with his wife, Ann (Arnold)- until his death in 1899. Their children, George, William, John, Walter, Sarah &
Carole Nunn
5 August 2005
Hi. I was made aware of your site a few weeks ago, and am including a brief review in an article for the Bristol &
Bob Lawrence
25 July 2005
Many thanks for transcribing these parishes. I am related to Isaac Edmonds who married Elizabeth Darke 16 Aug 1761 and Betty Trotman in 1788.
Glen Jenkins
20 July 2005
Just to say many thanks for giving me so much information on my gr gr gr grandparents - Joseph James m Hannah Smith, son Joseph James m Miriam Daniels, Giels Daniels m Myriam Man(as confirmed on the Parish Records). I just need to know where Joseph James and Hannah Smith were Baptised, ? Wotton?? I didn't know about this branch until a kind gentleman helped me by sending me this website. Great Website. MANY THANKS.
18 July 2005
An excellent starting point - thank you.
10 July 2005
Thanks for the excellent website, would be great if there were more like this one. My ancestors were James &
7 July 2005
What a wonderful site, those responsible deserve thanks for service to the genealogically and/or geographically challenged like myself. Now if some kind scribes would just do the same service for Aust and Almondsbury I might well solve all manner of genealogical challenges.
Thankyou kindly , scribes
Shane Thompson
7 July 2005
I am very hopeful that you have solved a family mystery for me with the baptism of James Humphries, birth and death of his brother and possibly his mother Sarah in Berkeley from Ham. I realise that they need to be confirmed but living in Scotland and trying to research my Humphreys family from Gloucestershire and Bristol, I am very grateful for your transcribing of the Parish Records.
Thank you very much.
Rita McInnes
7 July 2005
I am interested in the following families from various parishes in southern Gloucestershire: ALWAY, RODWAY, ADY, STINCHCOMB, BENCE (BOURCE?), NEALE, LONGDEN, LUCE, GRAHAM, POOLE, BEDGEGOOD, CHALLONER, HICKS, WEEKES, BEAKER, MARSH, ANDREWS, MORGAN, HALL, BICK, SAINSBURY, PULLEN, TAYLOR, PAYNE, and others, all of whom appear in my family line. The earliest record which I have established is for William ALWAY, b at Hawkesbury in 1515. My own branch of the family emigrated to Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1820 or 1821, but the family continued in Southern Gloucestershire until the present day. I will be happy to exchange information with any interested persons, via my email address. I now reside in Washington state, USA.
James E. Merlin
25 June 2005
Have just found your site after reading about it on,My main search is for TOGHILL but my Grandmother was a Lodge who married a Toghill, there are Lodges still in the Wilts area but so far cannot find where they came from so hoping for a lead, I liked the way your pages are set out easy to understand and follow even an old lady like me and a novice. Thankyou for letting me look. Regards Louise.
Louise Hawker
23 June 2005
Very useful for ancestors of my wife. LONG &
Leo Wildi
17 June 2005
I have a lot ot ancestors from Berkeley on my maternal side and your site has been very useful in verifying some dates
Alex Wood
13 June 2005
Great, thanks very much.
Brilliant for finding Berkeley ancestors who were born, Married or Buried in neighbouring parish.
Sue Bartlett
13 June 2005
Thank you for a marvellous web site. Someone sent me a link to it and I've only just started looking but already I have found my x4 great-grandparents Wm LIMBRICK and Elzbth MILLARD and their children and siblings.
Ann Edwards
12 June 2005
Just found this site! Looks very interesting. Researching John &
3 June 2005
I was referred to this site by someone sending me some info on my Briggs line. I have totally enjoyed browing it!!

Wanted to leave basics of Briggs line I an researching they came from Thornbury England!
Richard and Angnes (Wingard) Briggs
show that Richard was buried at Thornbury
(boy would I love a picture of tombstone or record
verifying his death!
they had a son John born May 01, 1595 in England -
he married Ann Thayer (also born in Thornbury) they married Nov 1633 and they had Richard, Hugh, and William - Willima married Sarah Macomber Nov 1666.
They had several children after they came to America. Looks like they lived in Massachuetts......
If anyone could help me with info on this line from back when they lived in Thornbury - WOW - would I appreciate that!!
Also looking for any Briggs that still live in area!!
THANKS - really did enjoy your site and sure I will return to visit again!!

29 May 2005

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