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I was absolutely delighted to find your website, found through Genuki, after finding through that Job Hodges, father of James, might have lived in Thornbury, or Stroud, or Bisley. Thornbury seemed the likeliest for James' claim that he came from Bristol.
Anyway, utter bonanza, with Job's family, his father James, his mother Emma Ford, and their various ancestors the Shills, the Knotts, the Penducks, a Lydiatt.

A couple of your entries refer to tantalizing details available on the original record, not available to me since the FHL films (to which I have access) covers Bishop's Transcripts, and you had access to the parish registers (and I don't). Would it be possible to get this information short of showing up at the Gloucester Record Office?

These are the entries:

NAME: Hester Hodges BAPTISED: 15 Jan 1765 at Thornbury
BORN: 18 Dec 1764
FATHER: Will: MOTHER: Sarah *
OCCUPATION: Husbandman ABODE: Vilner
NOTES: 9th child

Is it Sarah Penduck? I am also short about 3 children to make Hester the 9th child.

On to the Shills:

NAME: Hester Shill BAPTISED: 26 Dec 1765 at Thornbury
BORN: 16 Nov 1765

FATHER: John MOTHER: Betty *
OCCUPATION: Publican ABODE: Thornbury
NOTES: 1st child

Is the * something like Knott?

A similar * appears for Hester's sisters Ann 1767, Mary 1770, and Betty 1772.


NAME: John Shill BURIED: 20 Sep 1781 at Thornbury
NOTES: Son of John &
Ann Phillips
27 August 2004
Great site thanks to you I have tracked down my Great Great Grandfather James Latch from Berkely.
Alan Smith
16 August 2004
Very good site, came across it by accident and found another member of a family I'm researching. They are Mahagans of Thornbury, Gloucester. Wish I could find where Jeremiah Mahagan and wife Ruth are registered when married. Don't know her maiden name, but she came from Thornbury. Thanks. Carol. Canada.
Carol Yaciuk
2 August 2004
What an incredible source of information about my BAKER family who lived near Stone. You will make my vist to the area in a few weeks so much mor enjoyable. Thanks.
Frank Walker, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Frank Walker
20 July 2004
What a great website! I am trying to make connections with ADAMS in Wotton-under-Edge 1830s, who appear to be related to ADAMS, FORD and WETMORE in Rockingham and Hill. An hour on this site has opened up a lot of leads with information not easily available elsewhere. This all leads to more work, of course....very exciting!
David Collard
18 July 2004
Hello. This is my first visit to your website and I must say I am very impressed! It has lots of information and is very easy to use. I see quite a few ancestors of mine here. The Dash family and the Kemmetts of Berkeley and North Nibley as well as the Smith family of Berkeley and later Awre. Thanks very much for creating this website. The photos and the maps are very much appreciated. Please write to me if you have an interest in the above named families or if you need assistance with British personnel in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WW1. 50% of the 600 000 personnel were of British descent and their attestation papers are available online. Canadians in the Anglo-Boer War can be searched online, too as well as the immigration papers for Canada 1925-1935.
Sincerely, Ron Stallard, Canada
Ron Stallard
7 July 2004
Wonderful site - wish all the Gloucestershire villages had one like this! Researching WOOD, BARFOOT, in Forest of Dean, Westbury on Severn area.
jane gould
7 July 2004
This is the clearest site I have found anywhere to date,carefully chronicled and easy to navigate. (The West Country local history sites are particularly well-organised compared to other areas, but this one has proved invaluable.) I am researching the eighteenth century Hickes and Hupsman families of Berkeley and neighbouring parishes for a book. The information has resolved a number of queries. Brilliant. Thanks a million!
Rosy Cole
5 July 2004
Very useful site. Been a great help researching my Longmans from Thornbury. Hope others follow this example.
Dan Longman
29 June 2004
Excellent website, especially for me, having most of my Rugmans (one-name study) in the Thornbury area. I have had trouble finding parish records (at Gloucester Record Office) and censuses for Oldbury as it is part of Thornbury but I suspect some of the records are under another parish. Can you enlighten me?
Peter Rugman
31 May 2004
Have lots of Thurston and Addis ancesters from Thornbury area so your list has been invaluable to me. You have done a great job. I wish there was one for Dymock to help with the Dodd and Innes families.
susan lyons
31 May 2004
Following the Berkeley Timbrell line. Thanks, your site has clarified something for me.
Sue Saunders
26 May 2004
Found this site by accident and absolutely love it. I'm having difficulty in tracing back beyond 1800 and can see why. Many baptisms were of illegitimate children and one nuptials only 2 days before a birth. I am looking at the Longman-Riddiford connection and am narrowed down to 2 Maria Riddifords. I'm interested in anyone else tracing these connections.
Cathy Longman
22 May 2004
l have found your website extremely useful with my research into my family,the GOUGHS and the PHILLIPS from Rockhampton.Thank you
Caroline Berry
10 May 2004
I am researching ORGAN family history of Berkeley and North Nibley.

I am planning to publish a book next year (2005) about this family history.
Andrew Plaster
7 May 2004
Great Site. Trying to trace the Lawrences/Laurences in Glocs. Also a James Hart who came to America from Berkeley.
Peter Gagne
7 May 2004
The Scribes Alcove has enabled me to further my research into the White family history. My Great Grandfather was born in Thornbury in 1861. It was'nt until recently that through your site I was able to find the names of his parents and the reason why he had to be a lodger in his teens with another family. Thankyou for contributing this site, it enables individual researchers to find some answers for themselves.
David White
29 April 2004
Thanks for the help that your site has given me with the research I have been doing looking for berkeley ancestors. I have been looking for Howell and Manning lines.
Judy Smith
12 April 2004
Great site plus found the pegleys I was after. Interesting in anyone else researching them.
Anne Chapple
28 March 2004
I have really enjoyed looking at your site which I came across quite by accident. Not only this but I have found my missing links to Thornbury and my Gough family. The information enabled me to take this family back at least another three generations! Thanks for all the hard work transcribing - and more thanks for sharing it with us.
jayne williams
25 March 2004

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